Apple Mail 4.0 Email Setup

1) Click Mail Preferences
2) On the 
Accounts tab, click the + button to add a new account.
3) Fill in the Welcome to Mail window with the following information:
Full Name: [your name]
Email Address: your full email address []
Password: your Email password
4) Click 
Create, verify your Account Summary.

If any issues or if you want to verify your settings:
Go back to the 
Mail > Preferences > Accounts tab.
Click the Account Information and Advanced tabs and the settings should be as follows:

Incoming Mail Server:
POP: port 995 OR IMAP: port 993
-Use SSL: Yes

Outgoing Mail Server:
SMTP: port 465 with encryption SSL
-Check/Enable: Outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication & use same settings as my incoming mail server.

Username: your full email address (
Password: your Email password
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