OSX 10.6 Snow Leapord

The following configuration information should allow with iCal and Address Book on iMac computers running OSX Lion [10.7]. Once configured you should be able to synchronize Contacts, Calendars and Notes.


    • Go to System Preferences
    • Click Mail, Contacts & Calendars
    • Highlight Add Account and click Other.
    • Select CardDav and click Create.
    • Fill in the following:
      • UserName: Your User Name is your FULL E-MAIL ADDRESS. NOTE: You must use the formatemail*domain.com instead of email@domain.com for the email address.
      • Password: This is the password assigned to your e-mail address.
      • Click Create
        • Open Finder
        • Navigate to ~/Library/Application Support/AddressBook/Sources/
        • In this directory, there will be a folder with a long string of characters. Navigate to it
        • Double-Click Configuratin.plist
        • securemail.chicagonettech.com:443/WebDAV/
        • Save and close
        • Open AddressBook
      • A new account will appear in your Folder List.

      Your account is now setup. You can view your contacts by opening Address Book.


CalDAV for iCal:

    • Go to iCal Preferences Menu
    • Click Accounts
    • Click + to add an account
    • Account type is CalDav.
    • Enter your Full E-Mail Address and Password
    • If a warning appears that says, "No CalDAV servers were found," follow these steps: :
      • Click Continue.
      • Account Template: None.
      • Ensure your full email address and password is filled in
      • Enter mail.netlou-secure.com for the server address
      • Enter /WebDAV/ for server path
      • Click Create.
    • Your account is now setup and will appear in the list.


Important Information:
- because Netlou runs SSL for e-mail access, you must always use "mail.netlou-secure.com" for the server name connection.
- Your User Name must be your full email address.

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