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Terms And Conditions

Refunds and Credits
No refunds on services via cash, credit or otherwise. Once service has started or automatically renewed you are responsible for the amount(s) due. If ever a credit is issued it will given at the discretion of management. However, we are firm about our no refund / no credit / no pro rating policy when it comes to services. Resources are purchased on the due date for the agreed amount of service time.

For those that need a less technical example: If you have a mobile phone, you pay for the service for the term agreed upon. It does not matter if you did not use all of your data or any at all. You are paying for the service to be available. Just like you we have to have to purchase resources to be available and have to pay for them whether they are used or not. We are up front about this and will not discuss it.

Invoices are automatically sent out in advance of the due date. Monies due are to be paid by the due date. If you have a credit the credit will be automatically applied.

Changes to account:
You may make changes to your account from within the admin area found at Changes include but are not limited to editing, adding and removing services. If you remove services from your account you will not receive a refund for the unused portion of services.

Services unless a one time charge are set to auto renew on the due date. Services will not be prorated.

We do not offer refunds or credit due to downtime. We maintain and do everything in our power to keep our servers and services in optimal running conditions, secure, current with software, and uptime at the highest percentage. However, there are unforseen issues that can cause issues. Rest assured we work as quickly as possible to resolve any issues.

Cancelation of services:
If you wish to cancel your services you may do so at anytime. Please be sure to cancel any and all services before their due date. This is a manual operation by you (the customer). Log into your admin area found at Any services that renew have the full amount due regardless of usage. Services will not be prorated.

Internet Access:

Services will be paid for on the due date. You must cancel your services to stop billing. You may cancel at any time either via phone, email, or postal services.

If you have an issue with services please call or email us. We try to maintain an uptime of 99% excluding damage due to acts of nature such as weather or other unforseen interruptions outside of our control.

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